An image with a beach sunset
“Sunset” by Kiwi Tom is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I always struggled to imagine where I would like to be in the next 3, 5, maybe 10 years. After many tries, I stopped asking myself this question; it was not natural. …

We became parents for the first time this year, and I have learned a lot from myself, me as part of our relationship with my Wife, and a lot about being a parent. …

All of this started the week before Thanksgiving, while many of you were making plans to spend time with your family, I was trying to have the best setup at home in case there was a problem with

This is the story of me ready to fall asleep when suddenly a notification wakes me up.

I grab the phone to put it on silence, and there it is, a notification of an email about some new stories available in medium … Should I go back to sleep? …

Pedro Pablo Fuentes Schuster

I’m passionate about building great teams and ship game-changing products.

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