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I always struggled to imagine where I would like to be in the next 3, 5, maybe 10 years. After many tries, I stopped asking myself this question; it was not natural. I found it difficult to trace a path without knowing where I want to go, and this is how my journey to find the question that could help me trace that path started.

A couple of years ago, I was at a point in my career where I needed to chose if I should stay on my current job or move on to another company, so I did…

We became parents for the first time this year, and I have learned a lot from myself, me as part of our relationship with my Wife, and a lot about being a parent. It is a lot that I have learned so far, but in this post, I wanted to focus just on some of the key resources that have helped us on this journey.

The 5 S’s for Soothing Babies (Video)

It is not a secret that Babies cry, but I was not aware that Babies could also cry for hours even that they are healthy and without any…

All of this started the week before Thanksgiving, while many of you were making plans to spend time with your family, I was trying to have the best setup at home in case there was a problem with during our busiest season of the year, and also to be able to quickly glance over Grafana to do quick checks during those days on the overall health of the system.

I have a PC at home with multiple monitors, so instead of opening my work computer, I wanted to walk by my computer and check how things looked, so not…

This is the story of me ready to fall asleep when suddenly a notification wakes me up.

I grab the phone to put it on silence, and there it is, a notification of an email about some new stories available in medium … Should I go back to sleep? Nah, just go Pedro, open the app, it’s only going to be a couple of minutes, damn brain.

A couple of minutes, ha! I should not trust my digital self, many minutes later I’m still here, not reading, writing something for the sake of getting less hours of sleep.

Now I’m…

Pedro Pablo Fuentes Schuster

I’m passionate about building great teams and ship game-changing products.

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